About me

My name is Becca and I’m a Fine Artist based in the South-West of England (UK) with a specific interest in printmaking.

My work is carefully imbued with my own emotional experience of the world, through the lense of the relationships I hold with the people I love. 

Dipped in the allagory of my own personal exploration of what it means to ‘Be’, I explore the layers of my various relationships through tactile layers of my own making. Purposely and carefully carved out memories, with the intention of encouraging those experiences within others. 

Although I specialise in printmaking, I would describe myself as a mulitmedia artist. I have an interest in film, photography, writing, and my practice is deeply ingrained in experimentation and exploration. I often work implusively, constantly searching for other forms of expression which tend to always revert back into printmaking.  

Should you find anything interesting in my work, or would like to work with me, then please don’t hestiate to contact me