I was hooked from the opening sequence, an awkward figure dressed in a poorly fitting suit. He slowly moves through the frame, accompanied by a discordant background of seemingly unending white tile. 

‘The Graduate’ Lino print and clay sculpture, 2021. 

The miniatures project was started by a tutor at university to give 3rd year students a mental break, and a fun creative challenge. At the time I had been talking about films and considering their influence on my sense of self. I thought it would be a good chance to explore working with imagery, especially on a small scale, and be able to integrate film into my work. At the time I had been really excited to introduce my partner to the film The Graduate, it had a huge affect on my adolecense and the music has stayed with me to this day. It felt like the perfect film to explore within this project. It has beautiful visuals littered throughout, and was something I felt I really wanted to share with those around me. 

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