Garden sunset’ Lino print, 2021. With accompanying written piece. 

At the beginning of our final year at university we found ourselves completely seperated in isolation, whilst our country struggled in the midst of the pandemic. We were having to find solice, and reliance in ourselves as most of us were stuck in places we hadn’t been in touch with for a few years. This is where my closest friend Hester Ellis approached me with a collaboration project she called, Connecting Practice. We would both make an A5 print, and a complimenting piece of writing. We would then send these pieces to one another via post. From here we made a print based off of the others piece of writing, and a piece of writing based off of the others print. These would then also be sent to eachother via post. By the end of it we each had a small collection of work from the other person, that was imbedded and connected within our own work. 

‘Spring to Summer’ Lino print, 2021. With accompanying written piece. 

I called my side of the collaboration ‘Reconnection’.  During the pandemic, I spent a huge amount of my time in my childhood home. To deal with the isolation and stress I started taking long walks, and found myself in places I hadn’t visited in the area since I was a child. These places used to mean wonder, mystery, stories and fun. In my Adolecence however, I had stopped caring about the little village I lived in, and I was more focused on getting out of it. These walks made me remember how beautiful the area I grew up in truely was, I remembered the fun, the stories, the mystery and even the wonder. Having been so desperate to reconnect with others, allowed me to reconnect with a younger smaller part of myself. Reconnect with the beauty that surrounded me, and suddenly that felt very important.  

To check out Hesters part in our beautiful collaboration, and the others that were involved check out @connectingpractice on instagram! 

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