Marking the end of my time at Falmouth University, and culminating in my Degree show. This collection explores the tumultuous experiences of that year, the beauty in loss and the memories it brings forth. The ability to look forwards with a reminder that time isnt the same for everyone, and coming to terms with the future either way it could fall. 
Collaborative collection completed with artist and closest friend Hester Ellis, exploring reconnection in our various seperate understandings. 

Part of a collaborative exhibition, exploring our individual practices in a smaller form. 

Immortalisation and explorative illustration of the film that forged connections from my friends, to my partner, and to my family.

Artist Cards
A consideration of my artist manifesto and my practice. My attempt to forge personal connection with others, offer a piece of myself, my memories, my experience. 

Miscellaneous Explorations
Individual and experimental pieces that aren’t a part of a project or collection, to fulfil my need to explore and impulisivity.